Blogger Spotlight: Luna Sunshine

Hello, everyone! Today highlights a first for this blog. Instead of my usual posts, I will be talking about a blog that I personally enjoy, Luna Sunshine. That blog happens to belong to my friend, Luna, who is also an artist and musician.

Luna is a TWOC who writes about “brown girl magic, queer shit, random ass hot takes, white tears, indigenous art, music, poetry, stories, or whatever may appear along the way” (Introductory Post). She keeps it real when talking about topics like capitalism, the dangers of white supremacy and Nazism, and how direct action, rather than inaction or passivity, is our only hope to end the various forms of oppression in society. Her most recent post, Love can’t trump hate if it excuse inaction, she discusses how “love” is not passive in the face of hatred. When it comes to white supremacists and Nazis, we should not merely “turn the other cheek.” Luna critiques people who think showing “love” to or merely ignoring Nazis will end the hate.

Luna also creates art and music. Her music style is a bit of a mix between blues, jazz, punk, and other genres that she blends together to create her own unique, signature style. Luna’s songs usually center around her identity as a multiracial, indigenous TWOC, as well as other topics. Heart of Jade and Sunshine is one of Luna’s personal favorites of her songs, and you can find more of her music here!

Luna is currently has a demo album out that she will be giving away for donations. In a time when people of marginalized identities are systemically silenced and oppressed, it is important to support and uplift their voices. So, if you would like a copy of Luna’s demo or would just like to show your support through a donation, you can contact Luna through her blog or her Facebook page, Brown Sun Goddess.


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