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You Know You Own A Chihuahua When…

Ah, chihuahuas…those itty bitty bundles of joy. Or terror. It really all depends. For something so tiny, chihuahuas are certainly complex creatures. And the only people who truly understand this are chihuahua-owners. Here are some other ways you might know you own a chihuahua…

  • You know how to sleep on the tiniest sliver of your mattress…while your dog takes up the rest of the space (despite weighing less than 10lbs)
  • You know you can’t leave anything of value around your little monster…or else it will get chewed up by tiny teeth
  • You love taking your dog to the pet supply store because everyone coos over how cute your pooch is
  • You have a very small shadow that follows you wherever you go
  • You have to be careful when you sit on your favorite chair, as you never know when “somebody” might steal your spot
  • You always have a cuddle-buddy during thunderstorms
  • You know that powerful things come in small packages
  • Most of your money goes towards dog food, toys, bedding, treats…and doggie clothes
  • You have to keep your house like a sauna in the winter. You can’t stand to see your little buddy shiver
  • You know you have the cutest, tiniest best friend




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