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Review: Groovy Green Tea Wash-Off Mask

Hello, friends! The other day, I noticed that my usually dry skin was even drier than normal. I assume the heat has something to do with it, but who knows? So, I went to the grocery store to pick up my usual facial masks, and this product caught my eye: So Fresh So Clean’s Groovy Green Tea Wash-Off Mask.


~First Impressions~


I was immediately drawn in by the packaging. Brightly colored and “in your face.” It was impossible to ignore on the store shelf. Also, I was incredibly fond of the resealable nature of the pouch. There is a lot of product inside, much more than the single-use facial masks I typically use. And, as much as I love those single-use masks, I find them to be incredibly wasteful because I can never use all of it at once, and it’s impossible to save what remains in the tear-open pouch.  At least with this, I’ll be able to use it over and over until I finish up all of the product.



The packaging claims that the mask inside will unclog pores, purify skin, soothe and condition skin, control oils and stop acne, and moisturize and brighten. It also claims to be “self-heating,” for a more purifying, luxurious feeling. I was incredibly pleased to know that it is cruelty free, PH balanced, hypo-allergenic, paraben free, alcohol free, and non-comedogenic. Overall, I’m very happy with the ingredient list!


Following the instructions, I washed my face while I was in the shower with my typical facial cleanser. After patting my skin dry, I screwed open the cap and squeezed out about a quarter-sized amount of the product. Next time, I think I might use just slightly more, but not much more. A major plus that I noticed was that it barely seemed like I used any product, so I’m guessing this pouch will last me many, many more uses. Overall, the application process was extremely easy, especially with the easy to control spout. Unlike other facial masks, I didn’t have to dig into a tiny foil pouch. I just had to give it a gentle squeeze and it poured out into my hand. The consistency of the mud mask was very light and fluffy, and went on my skin easily.

Obligatory Mask-Selfie

~Wearing the Mask~

I was a bit shocked at how quickly the mask heated up after applying it. It only took a few seconds before it got really, really warm. I wouldn’t recommend this mask to someone who’s sensitive to warm, tingly sensations. It wasn’t uncomfortable, but it was certainly intense at first. The sensation got a bit easier to take after the first few minutes. Then, it felt like a relaxing spa mask. It definitely felt very luxurious on my skin.


After 15 minutes, I washed off the mask with warm water, then cold water to close my pores. Then, I dried off and applied my regular moisturizer. My skin was noticeably softer and smoother. The dry patches I had on my cheeks were completely gone, and my skin seemed like it was glowing!


I absolutely love this mask. Honestly, this will probably replace the masks that I previously used. My favorite features are the fact that it’s cruelty free, reusable with tons of product, and that it leaves my skin feeling soft to the touch. I rate it 9/10! I highly recommend this mud mask for anyone who feels their skin needs a little TLC!

If you would like to try out this product for yourself, you can get it on Amazon Prime for $9.91!

Question of the Day: Do you have a favorite skin care item? If so, let me know in the comments!

*This is a non-sponsored article.


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